The Value In Being The Small Fish In The Big Sea

Every trade has its competition, but as the world population reaches 7 Billion it is becoming quickly evident that the competition is getting tighter. Where once you would find one maybe two ads for quality electricians in the Yellow Pages, you now find half a dozen pages.  Every industry is beginning to feel this. As the competition for market territory and repeat business becomes more heated, companies are increasingly turning to niche markets and more diversified product lines.

Size does not always determine success in business.Regardless of your trade or business, markets are becoming increasingly competitive. As the planet reaches 7 billion people the employment seas are becoming more and more specialized.

 Darwin theorized that in the natural world higher levels of competition led to species specialization. The same is true for commerce. As more companies enter the race for consumer business, a higher focus on diversifying and specialization will occur.

Is your business receiving the detail and care it needs to succeed?

With business development or transition comes a number of challenges. For companies looking to delve into niche customers, market research is highly valuable, client-specific branding introduces you to new customers and clear crisp communication is a must if you want to land them. On the other side of the coin, companies looking to expand, face the challenge of maintaining brand consistency as they move from one product line to the next. Failing to communicate with your customers and lacking a consistent brand image can quickly cripple these endeavors.

Selling products and services is becoming more complex, likewise branding and marketing practices are adapting to provide promotional and advertisement tools as unique as each company’s products.

That is where we come in, TMS specializes in small business and transitioning markets. We know what it takes to stand out in this economy. One of the advantages small business has is its flexibility, it has more room to bend and stretch to meet the needs of the customer. Where corporations are often bound by red tape and policies, small business owners are their own decision makers and will often make the decision they need to make, not the one dictated by a CEO 600 miles away. There is value to being small after all, the key is using your size to your advantage. You may very well find yourself entering a market to great success, a market that larger companies are simply ill equipped to supply.

Utilize your unique features to promote your business.

“Only the small fish may eat where the big fish cannot”

– Miles Gunnar  

By utilizing your flexibility now, your business can thrive and grow.

That is where we come in. TMS specializes in the small to medium size businesses, working with your needs, customizing and designing a strategy for each independent and unique small business. There is not blanket strategy for small business – every variable counts and every strategy needs to reflect that. The truth is if our clients do not succeed then neither to do we, we have a personal stake in your success.

Ben Erickson is a Design & Social Media Specialist with Transition Marketing Services – Contact us for a free consultation.

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