Creating Creative, Fresh, Email & Blog Content


Preparing your email send out? Posting your next blog? Having troubles?

We have all felt it. The gnawing frustration that comes with writers (or designers) block. Creative content can be elusive, but is invaluable. Keeping your content fresh is imperative. Here are some quick ideas to help!

"It's a thing" - Barney Stinson Image courtesy of Brocrastinator (

Shake it up, Include something random. We once quoted Barney Stinson in an article on Small Business.

1. Turn On The Blender Baby!
Don’t be afraid to mix it up. Try new things. Mess around a little bit. Include a quote from something random like the Big Bang Theory. I just read a blog that quoted “Babylon Five” (thanks Angelo Barovier!). I have quoted Barney Stinson before (How I met your mother) – so go ahead and shake it up! It displays your “humanness” which makes you and your content easier to relate to.

2. Let Video Do The Work!
Try including a video occasionally. Don’t have one of your own? Don’t have the means to make one? Then find one and either embed it or include a link. Keep it appropriate, and related to your content. Be aware that many people will not follow your link if they do not already have a relationship with you.

3. Events – Upcoming or Past. Inform people of events coming to their town or related to their industries. Share your background and experience with various events and activities, highlight pros and cons, share what you learned and who you met. This can be an interesting way to create a dialogue with others in the industry.

4. Tips & Tricks Related To Your Field. Blogging lists of tips is extremely lame and we do not recommend such activity within this list of tips on our blog.

Clearly we are being facetious. If you are in an industry and have insight to share, it can help to build relationships and increase viewership and engagement with others within similar industries. It will also increase your image and associate your name with expertise.

We are a highly visual society, try including a relevant photo in your content (incidentally this photo is of Beirut - but we are not in it).

5. …“and Here We Are In Beirut” It may be cliché, but a picture will indeed speak a thousand words. Throw in a photo or image that coincides with the ideas you are conveying. There are many sites that provide free photos, or you can use one from another online source, just make sure to check for copyrights and credit the source – it’s only polite!

Our society is highly visual, and a photo or image is a guaranteed method to increase viewership and engagement. Make sure you keep the image size small, don’t want to bog up the load time!

6. Interviews With Industry Related People.
Whether others in the industry, your employees or your customers this is an excellent opportunity to build relationships. It provides unique perspectives from people who know – or are subject to – the business. It can also provide you with ideas and inspiration for future content.

7. News.
Update with stories and news of interest. Provide your own unique perspective on current stories, and share your ideas. Stay non-offensive and remember that your audience may already have an opinion contrary to yours – create content with that in mind.

8. Review Products.
Share your insights, your likes and your concerns with various industry related products. This again will help associate your name with expertise. It also provides another opportunity to begin a dialogue and to build relationships with other end users. Ask your readers for their input and experience. Always be professional and not inflammatory.

9. Presentation Content.
Presentations can be a great way to re-position content from presentations. It can re-emphasize products, philosophies, brand stances and so forth. It also helps echo what your sales and service people will already be conveying – since they have likely already taken in the presentations. It will build a consistency and continuity into your brand.

10. FAQ’s (Frequently Asked Questions)
Do you have a question that keeps cropping up? Are you noticing a trend in your customer service communications? If it is being asked it should be answered. Imagine how many may have the same question but simply have not asked it yet. Creating content to deal with FAQ’s will give you the opportunity to provide a consistent answer that is easily passed along. It will also help you head off comments and concerns at the pass.

Resources exist to help you capitalize on current trends.

11. Target Trending Topics.
This can take some time and some research, but there are numerous resourced available and the value of becoming a part of trending discussions it huge. It shows you are up to date with your industry and you are informed enough to speak about it.

Trending topics are trending for a reason – because they are interesting. By keying in on trends you are positioning yourself for success. Keep in mind it is about timing; don’t be the last one to the table on trending topics or the potential gains can quickly be reversed.

It sounds like a lot doesn’t it? In some cases it is. For many small business owners, their passion is in their industry and products, and not necessarily in developing content for emails, newsletters and blogs.

This is where a good consultant or copywriter can help. It is worth it to contract out content development if that means the freshest concepts. A good consultant will be able to glean your passions and insights and translate it to intelligible and interesting content for your consumers.

Don’t force it, but keep at it. It can take time to develop good fresh content, but over time it will pay off. In this day and age communication and branding has become vital to keeping and gaining market share. If you find you lack the interest, the skill set or simply do not have the time then it is likely in your best interests to explore contracting it out. Ask around, do some investigating you may be surprised at what is out there for you.

Ben Erickson is a Design & Social Media Specialist with Transition Marketing Services – Contact us for a free consultation.


  1. Happy to be of some small service! I’m not even going to get into how Barney Stinson just won’t get out of my life but it did give me a laugh that my name appeared beside his picture by virtue of someone who doesn’t even know me.

    As well, I agree with your article. I won’t say 100% because that would imply that I have nothing to add, and that’s simply not possible (Hello? Awesome!). However, your summation in the final paragraph starts with a golden nugget which is so hard to impart: “Don’t force it, but keep at it. ”

    People hear it, and it makes sense at the time, and they nod in agreement … but often they then go off and, less than a day later, they’re trying to force every tip and trick they read into one post about something that’s not very interesting to begin with. So, to those who read that succinct and wise sentence too quickly — Stop. Go back and ingest it like a big, chocolate covered strawberry. Ben just gave you a Jedi Master secret and it didn’t cost you a penny.

    “To Obi-Wan you listen … Mind what you have learned. Save you it can.”

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