20 Tips For Pinterest

Pin Your Way To Success.

Pinterest. More than a flash in the pan.

Pinterest is a glorious platform. Beautiful, user friendly, and loaded with potential.

It is also a very big deal right now.

Despite the sudden explosion of excitement however, Pinterest contains enough “Oomph” to be more than just a flash in the pan. I have taken a close hard look at it from several angles and no matter what industry you represent, Pinterest holds marketing value.

It is full of clean and beautiful, new and relevant content. It is essentially what I imagine people envisioned for the internet 3 decades ago. Content that is easy to find and not lost in the junkie “bathroom-wall-clutter” of the world wide web.

The image-sharing-foundation behind Pinterest only compounds on it’s beauty and usefulness. In an image driven society, centering your sharing around key images is brilliant.

Recently I put through a conceptual proposal for Pinterest as a tool for a local Chamber of Commerce, to great response. If a small town Chamber can use it, can you? Let’s have a look shall we?


Pinterest provides an easy to navigate platform for content sharing.

Pinterest, a wonderful combination of the words “pin” and “interest” (if that was not clear). It is exactly what the name suggests. A place to pin your interests. Remember pasting your bedroom walls with posters, album covers and magazine cut-outs? That is Pinterest, only easier and online.

Think “social bookmarking” but at the next level and gorgeous (IE Stumbleupon, Delicious on steroids).

How Does It Work?

Once you have a profile setup it enables you to create “Boards” based on the topics you intend to share. Fashion, Animals, LOL, Marketing Blogs, whatever topics you can imagine.

Once you have a few boards setup you can begin adding your “Pins”. Pins are images that Pinterest searches directly off of the site you are sharing. In other words, when you share a link, Pinterest automatically searches that link for images that match it’s requirements. You are then presented with the available images, and may choose which one to pin, as relevant to the link you are sharing.

Lowes is one of the forerunners on Pinterest – for more on their great example visit here.

If you still don’t get it, visit our last blog on “how to” or just head on over to the Pinterest site and play with it yourself!

20 Tips For Maximized Pinterest Pleasure!

  1. Exposure, exposure, exposure! Make sure you brand your profile! Have your name and logo displayed prominently for all to see.
  2. Tell us about yourself. Fill in the “about” section. This is displayed beneath your profile photo and name. It reinforces your branding and offers insight.
  3. Bridge you accounts. Connect Pinterest with other available profiles, such as Twitter or Facebook. Doing so means followers on one can now find you and your brand elsewhere as well.
  4. INCLUDE YOUR WEBSITE URL! Social Media is all about engaging people and bringing them closer to you. Giving easy access to your website does just that.
  5. Add the Pinterest Icon to your website and other content. Let people know you are there!
  6. Share your pins across other profiles. Pinterest has built in Twitter use, so tweet your content!
  7. One of the top tips for blogging, is to view and comment other user’s profiles and posts. Pinterest is the same – get out there and engage, communicate and comment.
  8. Share the love! Don’t be afraid to compliment good content with a “Like” it works the same as comments and spreads engagement.
  9. Get out there and Pin, Pin, PIN! The more content you share, the newer, the fresher it is, the more traffic you will see.
  10. Re-Pin. Like Re-Tweeting – spread community, builds engagement and creates great traffic.
  11. You can tag other Pinterest users the same way you do with Twitter. Place @JonDough in the description to direct your pins at users.
  12. Have fun with your board names. Be creative, make them catchy and keep them relevant. The names are what users will be checking out, so make them count.
  13. VARIETY is the spice of life. Post and share content from all over, do not just share the same site over and over.
  14. Pin your own content, but don’t be self-centered. Just as talking about oneself incessantly is both rude and annoying, pinning only yourself is a party faux pas.
  15. You can Pin videos! Pinterest has a special section just for videos, and it accommodates YouTube content easily.
  16. Adapt and Improvise. Holiday coming up? Create a festive board to capitalize on traffic.
  17. When pinning, put thought into your description.The description will stay with the pin as it circulates around the world. Make sure, when possible, to include your brand or company info in the pin.
  18. Embed your pins into your blog and other related content, keep in mind you may want to include a description of what it is, until Pinterest becomes a little more mainstream.
  19. Get the app and pin directly from you iPhone.
  20. Keep Pinterest in mind as your create content. Make sure images are in your content to allow for easy sharing.

Ben Erickson is a Design & Social Media Specialist with Transition Marketing Services Contact us for a free consultation.



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