20 MORE Tips For Pinterest

Our last post provided 20 easy tips for getting the most out of Pinterest. We enjoyed the tips so much, we added MORE!

Pin Your Way To Success (Part 2)

  1. Commandeer the Pinterest Search function in the top left hand corner to find new images to pin/repin/like.
  2. When describing your pins, operate on the same primary basis as SEO and enter key words that will matter to those searching on Pinterest.
  3. Include a “Pin-It” Option in your blog posts, emails and web content to ensure easy sharing by your viewers. “Adding To Email” Walk Through Here:
  4. Got a WordPress site? Feature your recent pins in a widget in your WordPress sidebar by using a Pinterest widget.
  5. Encourage contribution to your boards via staff and customers. This will build engagement and grow your profile.
  6. Check out your followers and keep tabs on which of your pins are being shared. Stay on top of trends, then supply more of the same and adjust other content to make it more “re-pinnable”.
  7. Price your Pin’s to create your own little Pinterest shop. Simply add the $ or £ symbol and then the price. This price will then be neatly displayed across the top corner of your pin.  Adding prices to your pins, may mean they will be featured in Pinterest’s “Gifts” section and offers a heads up for viewers who may want to purchase products from the links you are displaying.
  8. Share a board that tells your businesses story – a synopsis of your company if you will. A timeline and a snapshot. Share who you are, what you are, what you do and your market philosophy.
  9. Your boards are only limited by your creativity. Create a board of thank-you’s or to share in client successes. Create one to display new projects you have completed with your customers and another to showcase your staff. The sky, as they say, is the limit.
  10. Pin tips, tricks, FAQ’s and tutorials for your products, services etc.
  11. Clicking the “Popular” link on your Pinterest home page allows you to view what is trending. You can then use that to re-direct your efforts and hop on board the “trend-train”
  12. You want to remain consistent to your brand image and message, however remember to keep it fresh and fun. Pinterest is all about creativity, use that to your benefit.
  13. Be the source for up to date information relevant to you industry. In other words, create boards and populate them with the newest and most relevant content available.
  14. Link up your Pinterest and Facebook Timeline accounts to ensure your updates on Pinterest blast over to Facebook as well.
  15. Take a look at any archived and existing content you have. Add photos and images into the content where necessary to encourage and facilitate pretty pinning.
  16. Go beyond just checking stats and trends for content. Monitor the best times for pinning, check the site traffic stats and adjust to accommodate.
  17. With the explosion of users on Pinterest, companies are searching for the best means of utilizing it.

    Social Media is all about engagement. Connect not just yourself, but your clients, customers and followers with each other.

  18. Confident in the feedback you are getting from customers? Create a board geared at client testimonials.
  19. Create boards to showcase events, conferences and trades shows that you have attended. It will breed goodwill, community and associate your brand with expertise.
  20. Use boards to host and share coupons and deals. We suggest creating the pins specifically for these boards to capitalize on Pinterests beautiful display. You can also utilize the “price” addition (tip 7) within these coupons.

Three Bonus Tips!

  1. As is often the case with Facebook, create Pinterest only promotions to increase awareness and engagement.
  2. Host contests. Invite viewers to post the best pins relevant to your product, content or services and award prizes.
  3. Create boards to showcase your clients. Spread the love and pass the goodwill, they may just share the favor!

Ben Erickson is a Design & Social Media Specialist with Transition Marketing Services Contact us for a free consultation.


    1. Officially they seem to be on the fence a bit at this time. It is hard to say which direction they will go. I foresee them following in Facebooks shoes.

      Also sorry your comment on Android availability got lost, just found it – as far as I know the Facebook Pages App is in the works for Android.

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