LinkedIn Dominates Rivals For Lead Generation.

LinkedIn offers excellent tools and options. Why are you not using them?

Y U NO LinkedIn!?

(LinkedIn Dominates Sales Leads)

LinkedIn has been proven by far to be one of the top Social Media players for generating leads.

Recent analytics show LinkedIn at close to 300% more effective than Facebook or Twitter for Lead Generation.

What baffles the mind, is the lacking of business presence on LinkedIn. Despite being better equipped for B2B and B2C efforts than many of its counterparts, LinkedIn continues to be ignored or misused by businesses throughout Western Canada.

One attributes this to a simple lack of understanding and knowledge on LinkedIn and its built in tooling.

For that purpose we have taken an in depth look at LinkedIn and hope to illustrate just a few key ways to utilize it for business gains.

LinkedIn Tools That Go Ignored:

1. Status Updates.

This first and foremost.

We are all familiar with the term. We do it regularly on Facebook and Twitter, yet LinkedIn is often ignored.


Update your status here as well. Do it regularly and watch in amazement at the result. We have found the best way to create dialogue via status updates on LinkedIn, is to phrase them as, or with, questions.

2. Tabs For Products & Services.

When developing your company page be sure to pay attention to this tab. This tab exists to allow your business to display its products and services. Drilling into the tab you will find that you can direct link to any number of pages from your website. Use these to encourage your audience to communicate and provide feedback, recommendations and testimonials.

As with many of LinkedIn’s features, as you begin to utilize this, more options will appear. By adding five products into this tab, further customization is unlocked.

Use direct link and social media sharing avenues to build this aspect of your LinkedIn efforts.

3. Tab Variations For Different Targets.

LinkedIn offers the unprecedented ability to customize the products and services tab in a way that allows for multiple variations of the same tab to exist. Simply put, you build the basic template for your products tab, then adjust into in several different variations that will be displayed to different audiences according to the parameters you program.

Define what version of the products and services tab is displayed based on the LinkedIn Profile info. this allows a variation of the tab to display to people of specific demographics. Basically you are creating a tab that acts as a “Smart Ad” displaying only information pertinent to that specific viewer.

Not as difficult as it sounds, this is an excellent way to increase click through.

Try it out. Go in and create a simple two variation tab based on your two primary demographics. You will find it simple – and as your monitor the results – effective!

4. Great Built In Page Stats.

A popular quote among Lean Manufacturing folks is “without measurement, there can be no Kaizen” (Kaizen being a method of internal streamlining and improvement).

The point here is that measurements are crucial to success.

Anytime you are using a platform and own a profile – monitor the data. LinkedIn offers excellent date and analytics. Do not forget to view them, measure them and track who is visiting what pages.

Cross reference the WHO with WHAT pages to determine where you are succeeding and where to adjust. Determine whether these are the people you want visiting, and whether they are viewing what you need them to view, then adjust again.

Start with the simple stats (basic page stats), familiarize yourself with them and test the waters. Once you are comfortable with the concept, start drilling deeper and see what exists.

5. Advertising.

I for one prefer to go organic over paid as often as possible – whether dealing with Facebook, Tumblr or LinkedIn. Nonetheless it is important to note that LinkedIn does have good built in advertising functionality.

Once again, and as with Facebook, LinkedIn offers “Smart Ad” capabilities, that allow you to customize your advertising to specific demographics.

As with all other efforts – make sure to measure the result. LinkedIn may offer a good array of advertising tools, but remember that this cannot be your sole LinkedIn effort.

For more info in creating ads on LinkedIn visit HERE

6. Comment & Question.

One great tip for increasing your presence and contacts via any Social Media site, is to comment on others posts. This remains true on LinkedIn. Take part in conversations and dialogue with others.

Weigh in with your two cents – just remember that Golden Rule of social media and do not damage your brand with misplaced statements. Keep it sweet, but do not be afraid to represent your brand philosophy.


LinkedIn offers substantial resources to businesses of all sizes and industries. It offers a powerful avenue for brand awareness, communication and lead generation. We encourage our readers to explore LinkedIn and see it as more than just a site for hosting their resumes.

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