Chick-fil-A Update (By Pursuing PR)

Shortly after penning our article on the Chick-Fil-A Facebook Fiasco, we received Ping back that Pursuing PR had referenced our blog. We paid them a visit and their content was so insightful we felt we had better share it. Their content complimented our so well, that we really had no other choice!

Chick-fil-A Update.

(A snippet of their post)

…The company itself denies responsibility for the creation of Abby Farle, but comments like “Nice try, Chick-fil-A PR guy…” are going to reflect very badly on the company and the industry of public relations as a whole. (Dang it, Abby.)

Communicating with your public: good. Creating a fake Facebook profile to trick people into liking you: bad. Unfortunately modern consumers are not only smart but incredibly suspicious. Dan Ariely spoke about this in Predictably Irrational, calling it the circle of distrust. Consumers are always looking for a catch, while companies don’t trust consumers to reward them for being honest… therefore they get sneaky.

Whether or not Chick-fil-A had anything to do with the profile, this situation is going to get immensely blown up. It’s going to erode their image, making them look dishonest and sneaky. Their denials are going to fall on deaf ears. People are always far more likely to point fingers than to wait for an explanation….

Visit the link above for more.

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