Facebook Finesse! Part1: Cover Photos

It is 2012 and just about every central brand has a Facebook page. Facebook as a tool, is not just for big brands however, and small business are flocking to it.

Facebook is utilized best as what it is. A social marketing tool. It is not meant to replace a website, but rather to work in conjunction with it. Facebook and indeed, Social Media in general has massive value for marketing – specifically content marketing.

Not long ago our friend Brianna Smith at “Beingyourbrand” wrote a terrific article showcasing an eyetrack study by Mashable.com, that illustrated the primary points of focus for Facebook users. Here is the illustration:

Image source: Mashable.com

This illustration presents us with the “high traffic” areas, areas that are going to stand out immediately and will hold the viewer the longest. The fact is that pages with more images have a higher rate of traffic and longer viewing times. Of these images, the first and largest visual area is your page banner or “Cover photo”.

This Cover photo should be point number one for you. Taking the time to specifically design this image can pay dividends when it comes to engagement and time your audience spends viewing your page.

Cover Photo Schematics:

Facebook Timeline offers outstanding image showcasing. Take time to build the images for your profile and you will not be disappointed with the results

The Cover photo needs to be built to: 851 x 315 and in RGB (Designer hint: RGB for screen, CMYK for print). This image will effectively showcase your brand and all of the rules for content creation apply. Be bright, be colourful, be creative.

In fact Facebook covers have become such a perfect showcase for brand engagement, that blog posts and pages exist for no other reason but to showcase them. Curating them as one would curate great art.

Here are some beautiful examples from leading brands:

1. Facebook & Shell: Enhancing Their Brand Image & Compounding On Their Logo.

First and foremost, the Facebook timeline cover. A beautiful enhanced version of the well know “world map” logo on their sign in page. Referring back to this well known brand image in such a way reaffirms their brand and showcases creativity.

Shell offers another example of creatively referring back to their well established brand image and logo.

2. Fanta & Sprite: Showcasing Their Creativity & Colour.

Probably one of our favorites. They use the Cover photo here to promote “Likes” with their own little “gamification” (read the “about” section). Notice how Fanta designed their cover so that their Profile photo actually blends into their Cover photo. This type of creativity is an excellent area to showcase to your audience. This has in fact become a bit of a competition between designers.

Another great example for the soda industry. Sprite blends their Profile and Cover photos seamlessly for a very cool effect.

3. Shoppers Stop & PR Web: Presenting A Call To Action.

Shoppers Stop Cover. A company in India. The Facebook Cover can be used to offer a call to action, or to emphasize a brands promise and commitment. Here Shoppers Stop have boldly proclaimed their call to action, to “Start Something New”

In one of the more brilliant examples, PR Web has not only presented a call to action – but a reason as well.

4. Nike: Promote Positive Associations Between Products & Emotions.

Nike creates a positive association with their products by drawing lines between life, sports and activity, and their brand. They include images of many activities that may not ordinarily be associated with athletic wear. The images promote the idea of Nike being associated with activity from all walks of life.

5. Polaroid, Dallas Foodie & Sharpie: Showcase Your Products & Services Via Quality Images

Use your Facebook Cover Photo to showcase your products or services in action. The Facebook Cover Photo is an excellent – large – location to include quality photos. Show your products in all of their glory.

We get hungry just looking at this, and that is what it is all about. This Facebook Cover photo emphasizes what this page is about by showcasing high quality photos of high quality products.

Sharpie: Another instance of a brand showcasing their products or services in action via high quality imagery.

6. Roxy & Microsoft: Show Customers Engaged & Using Your Products or Services.

Showing a commitment to your customers by including images of them using your products and services, is a great way to showcase your brand.

Microsoft gives us another example of presenting customer engagement photos.

7. Nike: Present High Profile Examples Of Product Use & Endorsement

Nike presents a great example of product endorsement in this Cover photo. Showcasing high profile users or businesses that you supply can be excellent brand PR.

8. Manchester United & Oreo: Display Events, Important Occasions Or Historical Moments.

Displaying images of events or occasions of importance creates a sense of inclusion for your audience. It is like an invitation for them to celebrate with you. This is a big engagement builder.

Display moments of historical relevance. Celebrate with your audience and they will be engaged – which is the reason you are on Facebook in the first place, so Social Market. This particular example from Oreo is great! They celebrate a moment in their brands life, and engage their audience by celebrating days of important in their lives as well.

There you have it. Facebook Cover photos are awesome. They are a beautiful and mainstream means of using Social Media platforms to engage, communicate and promote your brand with the masses.

Keep in mind that Social Marketing is about just that, being social, engaging and creating dialogues. Learning about and educating others. The Cover photos are not meant to act as a billboard, but as a means to generate interest and conversation. Start talking to your customer on the social channels and you will have every reason to succeed.

Now go out create your Cover photo and engage your customers!

Transition Marketing Services. Our passion is educating and equipping small business owners with the tools and strategies to succeed. We have made it our priority to know Specialized Marketing. We keep up to date on what is new, what is available and what makes the most sense for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. We recognize that every Small Business is unique, and their Marketing needs to be as well. Visit us at our website and let us know how were doing or if you have any questions. TRANSITION MARKETING SERVICES – Small Business Marketing Specialists.


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