1. Not of the DC logo. Too rendered and lacks the charm of the old one. and yes the microsoft logo is really static. feels like it’s just following a trend.

  2. I like the original eBay logo. New one looks like simply a standard font with diff colored letters. Doesn’t even look like a logo. Realize the old logo had an element of hokey-ness, but I see it more as charm that connects its brand to its original roots which was hokey and community-like. Bad move from a pure logo perspective. From an overall perspective it will have absolutely no impact on eBay’s business – i.e. not negative or positive.

    1. Great comment, I agree that this barely constitutes a logo in many consumers minds, however more and more businesses are moving in this direction. Does this then mean that eBay has simply become part of a trend? Are the simply trying to be like everyone else, or does the clean simply look truly represent who they are as a brand now?

  3. I believe in not fixing something that isn’t broken. Every change is a risk, and some are not worth taking. Seriously, I prefer many of the older logos & not very trend should be followed. Big companies need to remember that stability is a good thing too, builds a community of loyalty.

    What do you think?

    1. I think you make a very solid point, and also raise some good questions. Why do these brands feel compelled TO CHANGE? Is it something that comes up on stockholders meetings? Is it vanity? Is it truly an aesthetic effort to approach new market targets?

      Certainly ebay has grown up! Are the simply attempting to reflect their new “adult” roots? You are correct that every time you reposition or rebrand, you are taking a risk – even if it is calculated, things can go wrong.

      I suppose their is no single right or wrong answer, each company and each scenario is different. Will the new logo hurt their current client base? Several comments reflect a disdain for the new look, yet will it really stop these people from utilizing ebay?

      I suppose we have broached the tip of the proverbial iceberg as it were!

  4. While a new logo may not stop people from utilizing ebay, it can disconnect some existing emotional bonds built among loyal users. Unless your logo provokes a huge response from the media, hence generating a great volume of publicity, what’s the ROI of fixing something that isn’t broken? Was sufficient research done before the release?

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