Leveraging The Little Things

We recently handled some photography for a trades exhibition. Throughout the week long event we came across several interesting displays for various vendors. In each case we saw one brand taking the initiative and displaying dominance over their competition. The means was often simple, it was all about the subtle actions like product placement and display.

Take, for example, this product display for heavy duty farming equipment. A pair of competing brands, John Deere and New Holland were set up right next to one another.

It is such a little thing, yet here we have a subtle adjustment in product placement that gives Deere the win.

Notice how Deere placed their product in such a way as to subtly position themselves “ahead” of their competitors. Does this sort of thing really matter? Do consumers take notice? We did.

Keep in mind these units run around $180,000 each. When that kind of money is on the line, the little things matter.

How about this example. At the same exhibition, two rival steel container companies were both displaying their wares. They were positioned 100 meters apart. Secure-rite, had a great display showcasing the many uses and modifications available to the steel boxes. However Big Steel Box trumped them by building a four container tall tower that dominated the skyline and positioned them “above” their competitors.

At a recent trades exhibition, Big Steel Box ensured that the dominated the skyline. Their four story tower not only put them into the public eye, but placed them a good 15 feet above their competitor, Secure-Rite who were displayed only 100 meters away.

These are two examples of product placement, of getting that little edge on your competition at trades shows. Printed and online advertising acts much the same way. Take this example of a pair of “dueling billboards” we came across recently.

Product placement isn’t the only example of edging the competition out. Billboards, print ads and online ad’s can all be used to your advantage.

This image speaks for itself. There is no question who came out on top here. It is a humorous exchange to be sure – but it also impacts consumers. Perhaps it is a part of our primal make up, the same governing characteristic that you see in apes, but there is a natural attraction to those who take authority and display the greatest strength.

Truth be told it is all about brand “positioning” versus your competitors and ensuring yours is on top, no matter how small the battle.

Opportunities to publicly top your competition are all around you – an experienced and wary eye, and quick actions will always capitalize on the opportunities.

We will leave you with another fine example from the world of billboard advertising. New Castle punctuates their slogan “No Bollocks” by cutting through the fancy slogan of their competition.

This pair of billboards illustrates how an alert eye and quick action can put your brand on top!

There are numerous avenues through which to come out on top of your competition. Be alert for opportunities in the guise of the little things. They may appear in the way you display your products at a trades show. They may appear as an opening to place a magazine ad across from your competitor. No matter how small it may seem, if the opportunity arises to display supremacy over the other guys – do it (and have fun).

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