Effective Customer Service Mindset: A Quick Synopses

Small Business Branding Depends On Your Customer Service

Customer Service Reps find themselves quite literally in the trenches, as the first line of defense and representation for a brand.

The fact is that in small business that Customer Service Rep will almost always be YOU!

If you want to drive your brand representation home then remember this:

Your customers & clients should always come away feeling like a million bucks. They should know that they matter.


Go into every customer conflict with this thought: No matter the crisis, no matter the emotion behind a customer’s complaints, there is a way to address them and leave them with feeling of worth to your brand. That must be your goal.

They may be frustrated, unhappy even, however they can still come away with the feeling that they have been taken care of.

That is Customer SERVICE.

If you act with this thought in mind, you will always give 120% to your customers.

This builds a reputation.

This builds a brand.

Do not ever go into a customer conflict assuming the customer is wrong or unreasonable. The customer is always treated as reasonable, and always treated as having a valid concern.

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