Branding Consistency – Going Beyond The Logo

Branding: Beyond The Logo

We recently were involved in a branding conversation with the Marketing department of a local manufacturer. As a disclosure statement, they were not a client, and we were not involved, or pursuing their business. The conversation took place as a result of external circumstances.

It seemed that this particular manufacturer had recently revised the verbiage behind their brand promise. Their promise to consumers was now essentially this: “maintain high quality standard, moving always forward towards better products” (verbiage altered for legal reasons).

It was a good promise. One that strikes home with the target market in their particular industry. One that is achievable, but also maintains a continued efforts on their part.

Marketing was enthusiastic about it.

Sales was happy with it.

Then we got to talking with Engineering…

THEIR prerogative (mandated from on high) was to reduce production costs through careful material monitoring, reduction in usage, and the removal of certain components – components that had been previously implemented after careful product research on how to reduce specific defects and damages.

Reducing costs is good. Material monitoring is good. These are foundational to Lean Manufacturing, Kaizen and Six Sigma. However we were left wondering how Engineering’s goals of reductions, blended with Marketing’s goals of higher quality.

So we asked.

Had the two departments communicated on the processes? the impact? the initial possibility of reduced quality during the interim as Engineering fine tuned the material usages?

Had they considered the impact any slight hiccup in quality may have to their brand promise?

You see, a brand is more than a logo. It is more than a uniform set of colours. A brand is a promise, it is a reputation, it is a commitment. A brand is what consumers come to love or what they come to hate.

The image, the BRAND image is about how a business is perceived by the consumer body. This is impacted for good or for bad, by the commitment to the brand promise.

If the brand promise is quality – stay true to that.

Every aspect, every cell, every department in the business from the CEO to the lowest man on the production totem pole, needs to be on board. True branding cannot risk disconnects and inconsistencies.

A brand can plaster the same logo and colours across all the billboards, websites and social media platforms they like, if there is no consistency in the products, employees, and departments, it is nothing more than glorified advertising.

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