Employee Buy-in Is Crucial To Branding

We firmly believe that Customer Service drives brand recognition.

When I worked for Kohler’s Armstrong plant, I had the privilege of working with one of the top Customer Service teams in the country, and quite possibly on the continent.

The Manager initially in charge of this department (and responsible for my hiring) had a lasting impact on my entire understanding and perception of Customer Service and it’s role in Brand recognition.

Among many key Customer Service Branding lessons I learned from him, while working with the Kohler Armstrong team, was the need for “buy-in”.

Or as he often put it: “Dancing to the same sheet of music”.

Let me explain quickly:

Successful Customer Service depends squarely on the many departments it touches: Engineering (product development), Production, Sales, Marketing and so on. All of these departments need to work WITH the CSR department (and vice versa) if it is going to succeed.

During my stint with the Kohler team, we employed an “in-house” CSR team, meaning it was located right in the plant along with production staff, engineering and so forth.

This meant that the answers we needed in order to provide our customers with A1 responses – were always RIGHT THERE. If we did not know the answer, we could walk out in the plant floor and find out. We could ask the people BUILDING the products and get real insight and answers. What is more having all of these departments as resources meant quick and thorough information.

Our department often got compliments from customers for our speed and efficiency. When we were compared to our competitors, we always came out on top.

Yet this recognition and success was hinged on more than just us. As you can see, it required the entire plants involvement.

It required everyone working together, pointing the same direction, “dancing to the same sheet of music”.

Also known as “buy-in”.

Buy-in. We needed the entire plant, every employee that made up the business, to be on board.

Buy-in is difficult, but when you have your entire staff paddling in one direction, you reach your goals much quicker.

Employee buy-in absolutely affects the legitimacy of a brand in the eyes of the consumer. It is all about consistency and if all of the employees are not bought in than there is no consistency.

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  1. Its amazing to think how customer service is actually amongst the front lines of interaction with a (potential) customer/ brand advocate yet it is often the first outsourced in major companies – great model to follow!

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