“Gredo Shot First” – The Worlds Worst Rebrand

Han Solo was the definitive black-hat wearing hero. Brought to life by the one and only Harrison Ford, he quite frankly, helped to position Star Wars as the pivotal piece of movie making history it is has been.

Then the “re-mastered versions” hit…

…and in what has been widely regarded as a disgraceful move on the part of George Lucas, an entirely new generation of Star Wars fans was led to believe that “Greedo shot first”.

Han Solo was forcefully rebranded.

No longer the gun slinging, droid smuggling, Millennium Falcon owning bad ass who shot first and asked questions later, Solo was the victim.

“Greedo shot first”.

The fact is that, this illustrates a very important aspect of any branding / rebranding campaign.


Look at the devastating affect that “New Coke” had in the Coca-Cola brand in the mid 80’s. Yes it seemed like a good idea at the time, and how could you go wrong with Bill Cosby endorsing it?

But as hindsight shows… Oops!

Remember that just because an idea seems popular, mainstream or even “politically correct” that does not make it the right one for your brand.

Greedo did not shoot first, if he did then everything we knew about Han Solo has been put into question.

Don’t place your brand in a similar position – before changing your image, make sure you consider all of the variables.

Branding and Rebranding will define your businesses destiny – be sure to shoot first.


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