Fresh Content Matters

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When trying to market your small business, it is all about putting your company in front of the consumer.

Whether it is an ad in the local newspaper, a Facebook page, or your website, there is one thing to ALWAYS remember.

“Content is King”

Fresh Content Drives Results:
We were driving to my folks place tonight. As we entered the bustling city of Enderby, we passed a number of billboards – the same billboards we pass regularly on this particular stretch of highway.

This got me thinking. I pass these billboards regularly, once a week at least, but seldom if ever even give this signage a second thought.


Because the content is stale.

The same content that was plastered across these boards in June, is still there, slightly sun bleached in December. These signs may have been effective when they first went up, but they had a lifespan.

Like any image based advertising, it’s effect and impact hinges on its ability to be seen. Stale content goes unnoticed, fresh content grabs the eye.

These highway billboards cease to get noticed after the first few passes.

The same goes for any of your marketing and advertising. Websites, Facebook, Printed ad’s – you have to be diligent in maintaining your materials. Update and post regularly.

Keep your content fresh.

Or like those billboards, be passed by.

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  1. Good tip. Fresh content is so important but make sure it is also good quality. Don’t just put up something substandard for the sake of having something fresh.

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