Small Business: 5 More Great Marketing & Promotional Tips

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1. Consider Your PR.

PR (Public Relations) is the path to success. Many marketing firms will focus solely on lead generation, gauging their success based on those numbers alone. While lead generation is important, a focus on PR ensures that a business also generates image and brand recognition. As any first year marketing student can tell you, this in itself is a means to generating leads.

PR can take a multitude of forms. One of the most common is the “Press Release” which often takes the form of new product or service announcements. This is a highly budget-minded means of generating strong leads.

“Once, for less than $100, I wrote, printed and distributed a new-product release to 100 trade journals. Within six months, the release had been picked up by 35 magazines and generated 2,500 bingo-card inquiries. -Robert W. Bly (SOURCE)”

Take advantage of press release materials by posting the content in a media or press section of your website (blogs work). Remember to consider SEO and optimize the press releases with key word and phrases to draw in organic search traffic.

Another means of generating good PR, is to back a not-for-profit (charity). Involving oneself with community and charitable events is an excellent means of creating a positive image for a brand. Consider pledging corporate support to local food banks, children’s clubs or other community minded initiatives.

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2. Don’t Pay Too Much For Outside Talent.

It can pay off very well to hire freelancers and consultants. BUT ONLY if they can get results. Always, ALWAYS check credentials. Do not overpay amateurs.

Take time and research contractor fees. It is the 21st century, the internet exists and there is no excuse to not do the homework. For instance at the time of this writing the best advertising photographers, are making $1,000 a day at minimum. Are they worth it? The short answer is yes…. if the business is a fortune 500 and looking at running in Forbes, for just about anyone else it is like dropping a nuke on a cricket – a classic overkill.

“It is the 21st century, the internet exists and there is no excuse to not do the homework.”

As stated above, it is the 21st century, the digital age and there are numerous photographers that can do a good job for a reasonable price.

The same can be said for designers, content consultants, artists, copy-writers etc.

Look for someone whose expertise matches the specific need and budget at hand. Do not overspend.

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3. If Possible (Learn To) Do it yourself.

Many tasks related to marketing, advertising and promoting a business can seem daunting at first. However the business-man on a budget must be willing to tackle them himself.

Distributing press releases, operating social media, updating company profiles or creating newsletters and other paraphernalia almost always be done in-house at a lower expense. Save the outside hiring budget for tasks that require special expertise.

“The business-man on a budget must be willing to tackle certain tasks himself.”

Very few small businesses have the budget to hire a full-time marketing manager. Instead consider contracting out certain marketing essentials (website updates, SEO, branding) to proven firms at a steady rate that you can afford. Then look at hiring a full or even part-time administrative assistant to handle the day-to-day details related to keeping communications flowing.

4. Fully Use All Existing Content.

Whether photos, illustrations, videos, articles, layouts and even onetime promotional copy can be used and then re-used elsewhere to hack back creative marketing costs.

For example: If you have paid for good product photography, use it everywhere possible, product catalogues, website images, monthly report covers, even stationary and email signatures. 

Don’t just toss away anything, If you gave thumbnails, concepts, sketches or layouts that weren’t used for “this project”


time, hang on to them and use them with the next project. It will cut back the costs to develop from scratch.

5. Pay The Bills.

If this isn’t obvious, you will ALWAYS save money with vendors whom you have strong relationships with. Keep you vendors happy and they have a reason to protect your account. Not to mention saving the interest on late payments.

Okanagan Small Business Marketing

Transition Marketing Services is a small business marketing firm in the Okanagan. Our passion Small Business Marketing. Educating and equipping small business owners with the tools and strategies to succeed. We have made it our priority to know Specialized Marketing. We keep up to date on what is new, what is available and what makes the most sense for businesses of all sizes and backgrounds. We recognize that every Small Business is unique, and their Marketing needs to be as well. Visit us at our website and let us know how we’re doing or if you have any questions.


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