The Bold Look Of Kohler – The Power Of Print

Printed advertising is only as limited as your imagination

Printed advertising is only as limited as your imagination

We love printed advertising…

It was where we first cut our teeth, developing, designing and printing advertising and layouts. Our respect for it and its impact is enormous. We have such a love for print, graphic design and typography, that we host profiles on both Pinterest and Facebook to help curate all of the incredible works from across the marketing and advertising world. There have been numerous agencies and clients throughout the last century that have defined and redefined printed advertising. One of the big standouts throughout the last 50 years has without a double been Kohler. We first came into contact with Kohler’s advertising many years ago and each year since, we have been floored by their bold, beautiful and engaging designs.

“An interesting anecdote, we came into contact with one individual who has more than once attempted to PURCHASE prints of their ads for framing, to be hung in their home.”

KOHLER was the first to boldly introduce colour into the plumbing world.

KOHLER was the first to boldly introduce colour into the plumbing world.

Kohler was the first brand to introduce bathroom fixtures, sinks, bathtubs etc. in colours other than white. This seems normal to many of us now, but at the time, it was considered revolutionary. Many of their competitors felt they would fail in the endeavor, but as we know now, they introduced an entirely new way of thinking into the interior design world. Kohler has attempted to develop their brand as one that thinks boldly, that thinks progressively and that incorporates artistic elements whenever possible. As such, they have spared no expense in many of their advertising campaigns. Their print ad’s attempt to bridge a gap between industry and art. Here we will share some of the outstanding Kohler print ad’s that have spanned the last half century. Do they succeed in bridging this gap? is this a good use of marketing fund? We’ll let you be the judge.

 Transition Marketing would like to issue a formal thank you to Pam Kueber at “RetroRenovations” for several of the beautiful vintage ads included in this article. More of her great collection can be visited here.

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