Employees Engaging Customers – A Look At Customer Service

When Employees Can Be Themselves.

Here is a question. How well do you inspire your employees? Are they happy? Are they comfortable? Are they permitted to be human or to engage on your businesses behalf?

Many brands spend a fortune attempting to “humanize” their brands, but spend little money on developing the front lines of their brand – their service employees.

Customer accidentally asked for a "Mapkin" and this is what he got.

Customer accidentally asked for a “Mapkin” and this is what he got.

The story behind this photo: A customer accidentally asked for a “Mapkin” (probably had a mouthful of food). The waiter brought this back.

Almost every customer appreciates this type of extra effort from their service providers.

It’s humourous, engaging and human. In fact this customer enjoyed this so much it made it to one of the largest online content sites available!

Free exposure and advertising simply because the minimum wage worker took the time to enjoy their job.

What can we all learn from this?

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