Product Shots VS The Real Thing

When the photo and the real thing just don’t add up.

We all laugh when the picture clearly doesn’t match the real thing. Yet with the advent of  mobile technology and its increasing availability, one is left asking how much damage this type of false advertising will begin to cause brands over the long-term?

We all laugh when the picture clearly doesn't match the real thing.

We all laugh when the picture clearly doesn’t match the real thing.

This has always been an issue for big brands, especially those in the food service industry. They hype up their products with images that simply are not true. In fact we have come to expect it from certain brands and industries…*cough-Fast-Food-cough*. 

The flip side of course is showing photos of the actual products but let’s face it, for many brands, that would not be a good idea. Have you ever seen an ACTUAL McDonald’s Cheeseburger? Would YOU purchase  the “oatmeal” pictured above?

No. That is why product shots always look better than the real thing.

What these brands need to learn is that nowadays anyone can post a photo comparison like this… online… to be seen my millions, and besides being good for a chuckle, it is highly negative PR.

This was the case with the photo above and it was not alone. It sparked several more similar photos and a number of online discussions regarding the rather lacking fulfillment of the promised product.

Will this increase in transparency via online sharing adjust how brands act? Can it? Should it?

What do YOU think?

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