Old Spock VS New Spock In The Greatest Car Commercial EVER!

The automotive industry and specifically that of Europe is well-known for their savvy and clever marketing. Volkswagen, Volvo and Audi specifically have regularly scored huge success with their marketing and advertising endeavors (consider the Volkswagen “Darth Vader Kid“).

However Audi very well may have supplanted all other car commercials with their latest. Their newest commercial pits the classic Spock (Leonard Nimoy) against the newly rebooted Spock (Zachary Quinto).

It is almost ineffable to describe. However commercials of this nature, that engage and humour the consumer audience, work to elevate a brand in our minds. Clever and associable advertising creates a respect for the brand, giving us a new appreciation for the minds behind the products. As one blogger put it, “…this commercial alone makes me want to purchase an Audi”.

Fun and engaging advertising such as this commercial, work to create a brand that we can associate with. One that “gets” us, one that is worthy of our attention.

Compare this type of advertising to the standard automobile ad, which is a trite cliché that includes footage of cars driving through the countryside, a handsome drivers smug smile as he shifts gears and various statistics pulled from whatever source possible regardless of context. Which do you think will resonate with the consumer more?

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