The Little Things – Engaging & Creating Brand Advocates


It really is the little things in life.

When you remove the lid from a pudding or yogurt container, what is the first thing you do?

I know the first thing I do is make sure that none of the deliciousness is wasted. I lick the lid clean.

Well, this consumer did that very thing and look what he found! A little message!

He got a chuckle, enjoyed the rest of his treat and then promptly shared the experience with millions online.

Why? Well for one our society is becoming addicted to sharing every little moment in life with everyone, even anonymous strangers, but that is a topic for another day. Let’s just say he shared it because it was a fun & funny experience that added just the smallest bit of colour to his day.

In our last post we discussed “Customer Experiences” and role they play in driving brand recognition and trust. Providing customers with positive experiences drive massive marketing results and can land you huge sales.

This yogurt company just got Massive *FREE* viral advertising from a real life “Brand Advocate” to millions online… all because of a little extra print on a lid. For a few extra cents on the packaging, this company engaged their consumers, provided a fun experience and place their brand in front of millions.

What can we all learn from this? Share your thoughts!

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