Creating Experiences That Customers Share – Brand Advocates


We found this online. It was titled: “Why I love Virgin airlines”.

This little bit of fun on the part of a business resonated so well with a consumer, that he shared it online with millions. He instantly became an advocate for this brand by providing a direct “word-of-mouth” referral for Virgin.

“Word-of-mouth-marketing” is in fact a “thing” (it even has a lame acronym: WOMM). Although it works in a very similar fashion to “Referral Marketing” it is not identical and is arguably more effective. Why? for one the party making the referral is doing so without any profit to self.

And it is the selfless referral of a brand or business that resonates most with consumers. To see, hear, read or otherwise digest another consumer’s positive experiences speaks more deeply than thousands of dollar in advertising ever will. Consumers tend to trust their peers first and businesses second. When a fellow consumer provides a positive referral, they are taken at their word.

So how do you create these referrals? By providing experiences.

Good experiences.

Funny experiences.

Experiences that make good stories.

It’s the little things that we as businesses do. The little things that show our human side and tells customers: “Hey we’re just like you!”. Provide experiences that customers will want to share.

Just remember that it swings both ways and bad experiences are just as easily shared.

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