KKK Teaching Piano? Or Just A Marketing Fail?

Good design highlights crucial and positive elements of a brand or business. Bad design.... well it does the opposite.

Good design highlights crucial and positive elements of a brand or business. Bad design…. well it does the opposite.

We don’t even know what to say.

  1. Why would anyone choose to take on a name with an acronym that is so synonymous with racism.
  2. What designer would possibly be foolish enough to HIGHLIGHT said acronym as a point of focus?

Now we cannot be sure that it even crossed this persons mind that “KKK” may not be the best suited acronym for piano lessons. In fact it is probably a given that nobody involved in this even realized what they were doing.

But that itself is a problem is it not?

First of all, a proper marketing consultant would have immediately noticed this issue and either advised against it, or found some means of circumventing the obvious problem with this name. That is what Marketing Consultants do, they look at the big picture with all of the variables included. They then devise an image and a strategy to project that image to consumers.

Second of all, a good designer would have worked with the consultant to devise a brand image that highlighted the positive elements of the brand/business, while removing or downplaying any negative elements. That is what *GOOD* Graphic Designers do. They create the aesthetic elements of a brand based off that brands strengths. They design a visual stimulus that evokes positive emotions and associations. Colours, shapes, concepts, font types, every possible angle of the design is cultivated deliberately. It can make the difference between drawing in leads and having to chase them down.

It is worth every penny to hire on the *PROPER* people for the job. It can make the difference between failing, just surviving or succeeding.

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