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Guerrilla Marketing Makes Waves In Italy.

What would you do if you came around the corner to this?

It looks like a scene from Die Hard. What would you do if you came around the corner to this?

A Submarine In The Street?

Picture it. A quiet morning, you have had your cup of coffee for the morning.

You’ve read the paper and now perhaps you are on your way to work, or maybe taking the family dog for a walk. You turn the corner and are met with quite the unexpected view. A submarine, the L1F3, has apparently surfaced… RIGHT THROUGH THE CONCRETE IN THE MIDDLE OF THE STREET! It has been fenced off. There are rescue workers everywhere, and dazed navy personnel are exiting the massive steel behemoth. To the side a reporter is talking to a camera. A Smart car, apparently caught in the sudden emergence rests precariously on the broken street stones.

That is what the residents of Milan, Italy were met with as they began their morning.

Imagine the reaction. Imagine the stomach turning, the shock, the awe. How could this happen? How does a submarine find its way this far off course? How does it wind up UNDER MILAN? How? how?

Rest assured that this is not a terrible naval exercise gone wrong. In fact the entire scene was 100% intentional and the result of months of hard work and planning. It was all carefully orchestrated by Genertel and Europ Assistance in order to promote Protection Life Park Store, a new business dedicated to the protection of life and people.

The goal here was to hammer home their brand promise: To protect against unexpected events in everyday life. Well a submarine emerging from the city streets certainly meets that criteria. Guerrilla marketing at its finest.

Guerrilla Marketing?

Guerrilla Marketing is all about generating marketing awareness and consumer engagement through unexpected (often low cost) and out of the box ideas that meet people in their everyday life.

The concept of guerrilla marketing was invented as an unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination rather than a big marketing budget. Typically, guerrilla marketing campaigns are unexpected and unconventional, potentially interactive, and consumers are targeted in unexpected places.

Examples of guerrilla marketing can range from massive events such as this one to subway straps designed to look like designer watches and they are only limited by the imagination. They are a HIGHLY effective means to building brand recognition in specific geographic regions.

Take a look at some of these examples.






The Marketing ToolBox: Advertising In The “Loo”

Great... now I am craving toast!

Great… now I am craving toast!

Minding My Business & Taking A Pee. But There Was This Toast Staring At Me…

Alright we’re no mother goose so we’ll stop with the rhymes and get down to business.

Consider the ad on the left. It makes a valid point. Arguably a weird one… but valid nonetheless.

This ad was positioned over the urinals in a men’s bathroom.

Now let’s face it you are likely going to be standing in front of this ad for a minimum of 30 seconds (longer if your chugged that “team pitcher” all by yourself). You are either going to be staring at a blank wall, this piece of toast, or a carefully thought out and targeted advertisement.

Advertising works.

Consider this. If you had just finished a pint with your mates and found yourself taking a much-needed bathroom break, what ads might appeal to you?

  • A Taxi Service?
  • A Late Night Pizzeria?
  • A Reminder That Next Week is Fight Night?
  • A New Mobile App?

Advertising works and the options for ad placements are limited only by the imagination. If there is a venue on which to place an ad, then there is a niche market that it will appeal to.

What are some ideas for ad placement areas that would work for you?

The Marketing Toolbox: Have You Heard About “BenchAds”?

Transition marketing ServicesAt Transition Marketing, our passion is small business. Any day that we get to assist a fellow small business in some small way, is a good day. It gets even better when we can provide a small business some exposure AND showcase some marketing tools in the process.

Creating Advertising Opportunities. provided just that opportunity. They are a locally run company within the Okanagan / Shuswap area that provides exactly what the name indicates – advertising on benches. They provide a unique, budget friendly marketing and advertising opportunity to the local small business community. Needless to say when we heard about this business, we knew we had to investigate.

We had a chat with Carene Wooster the owner and operator of to see what marketing and advertising value they could add to local small business.

Based in Salmon Arm, BC, BenchAds is a family owned and operated company. The family has been connected with the business for as long as the benches have existed. Carene’s grandpa was in fact the one who originally fabricated the bus benches back when Salmon Arm’s Transit System first began.

Bus Bench AdvertisingTransition Marketing Services

The premise of the advertising is quite simple. Since the inception of the Salmon Arm transit system there has been a series of benches located through the city. Each of these benches provides a well situated, public advertising spot. BenchAds owns and controls these spots and for a small price you get to use them.

They are similar to the billboards you see along the highway, only slightly smaller and located in prime areas in the downtown core. They are priced at a fraction of what a highway billboard costs and provide a high level of exposure to both foot and vehicle traffic.

Outdoor advertising has undeniably always been effective. BenchAds provides this opportunity to the local business community at a highly competitive rate. If that is not enough to pique your interest then consider the following:

  • Unlike TV, radio or online advertising, viewers cannot change, mute or close the ad. If they are passing by the bench, then the ad is viewed – 24/7.
  • It creates brand exposure in new areas where none may have existed before.
  • Outdoor advertising is being seen by an increasing amount of traffic.
  • As mass transit increases in popularity BenchAds will increase in exposure.
  • According to the OAAA, outdoor advertising is one of the most cost effective advertising options in existence and provides a high ROI (return on investment).
  • Recent reports by Brandscience (via CBS here) found that for each dollar spent on out-of-home advertising, an average of $2.80 was received in sales.

Want more? Check out these case studies on outdoor advertising via the Pattison Group:

Let’s face it, small businesses need budget friendly marketing and advertising tools. offers just that; a unique alternative outdoor advertising option. One that places outdoor advertising within the reach of small businesses that could never afford that coveted highway billboard.

We’ll end with a note here from owner Carene Wooster:

We encourage our advertisers to advertise on more than one location. Personally I know that when I see a hamburger on a sign I honestly have a profound drawing to eat a hamburger!! Now, what happens if I’m driving around town and I see this big juicy hamburger 5 different times all from the same vendor? When I finally do decide to go get that tasty treat where’s the first place I’m going to think of? Advertising on multiple locations has a much greater branding effect.
One of advertising’s best kept secrets, bus benches can easily be overlooked when businesses are looking at their marketing strategies. People seem to get caught up in all the other forms of advertising and others naively think the viewing audience is limited to those who use the transit system! The fact is, everyone sees them! Next time you’re out and about, see for yourself! -Carene Wooster – owner & operator
For more info check out our website or like us on Facebook

Tapping Into Trends & Engaging Consumers

We have always enjoyed a good zombie trend. What other trends out there have seen success?

We have always enjoyed a good zombie trend. What other trends out there have seen success?

We’ll be honest we love the whole “Zombie Movement” that has taken place over the past 5-6 years and while it may have played out a little, we still enjoy seeing stuff like this.

Which brings up a great marketing point: Tapping into growing trends is never a bad idea, so long as you do proper research and do not go into it half cocked (Ahem! Kenneth Cole #Cairo! Ahem!).

By tapping into trends, you can hit a nerve centre with consumers and really bolster sales. Look for opportunities to resonate with your customers.

….and remember to have some fun.