How To Pin Your Own Photos On Pinterest (Manual Pinning)

So you want to pin a website to Pinterest, but when you try to do so, no photo is available? or perhaps the photo available is  a low quality thumbnail, or irrelevant to the content on the site (yes, believe it or not, that STILL happens).

Did you know you can upload your own photo when pinning? Well you can! It is actually surprisingly simple.

1. First, Log On To Pinterest:

Your first step is to log on to Pinterest! If that was not obvious you may want to rethink what you are doing.

2. Second, Click The “ADD+” Option At The Top Right Hand Of The Screen:

Second step is to click the Add+ option at the top right hand portion of the header menu.

3. Third, Choose To “Upload a Pin” From The Three Options:

Third, from the menu that pops up, choose to “Upload a Pin”.

4. Fourth, Click “Choose File”:

Fourth step, you will be offered the option to “Choose File” – do so.

5. Fifth, Choose The Image File (JPG, PNG Etc.) You Wish To Us As Your Pin:

Fifth step, choose the image you want to use as your pin.

6. Sixth, Enter Your Pin’s Information:

Sixth step, enter all of the information for your pin. (Hint: include keywords and your web URL)

7. Seventh, From The Pin Display Screen Choose To “Edit” Your Pin:

Step seven, you will be brought to the Pin display screen. From here choose to “Edit” the pin.

8. Eighth, In The Second Text Box Labelled “Link”, Type or Paste The Desired URL For Your Pin:

Step eight, in the second text block, enter the link or URL of the webpage you want represented by the photo.

9. Ninth, Click “Save Pin”

Congratulations, you have just manually pinned your first Pin on Pinterest. Quite simple really, this is a great way to share content, and maximize the visual impact of your boards. Now get out there and Pin the love!


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How To Add A Pinterest Pin To Your Email!

Pinterest Is The Latest Big Deal. Including “Pinning” Access In Your Email Is Easy.

The big news in the Social Media World… NAY! in the World in general – Is PINTEREST (cue angelic music, let the cherubs fall down).

Pinterest, if you did not know, is a user friendly, fun, interactive platform for sharing web content through images that you “pin” to your online pin board.

When you “PIN” a web page, it provides you with the option to choose which image from that specific page you would like to pin on your board as a representation of the content overall.

As with so many other similar Social Bookmarking sites (Stumbleupon, Delicious) you can add a “PIN IT” app to your internet browser. This allows you, at any given time, to pin the content of the page you are on, to your board. It offers a seamless means for sharing your favorite content with anyone following you. Fellow “Pinners” can also search content on the Pinterest site thus finding other “Pinners” with similar interests.

It is a gorgeous interface, fun to use, easy to work with and effectively spreads websites of upstanding character and content. Pinterest is a great tool for finding sites that are relevant to you, without navigating through all the cluttered debris that lurks in the corners of the internet.

BUT! Did you know that you can also create effective “PIN” Badges within your email to allow recipients to pin directly from the message? Here is quick walk through on how to insert a Pin Badge into your email.

Sinking That Pin Into Your Email.

Add a Pinterest option to your email to allow recipients to book mark your content.

1. The first thing to want to do is insert the Pin badge (icon, symbol etc.) into your email. I like to use an easily identifiable icon or symbol, this helps my recipients know what they are doing. This icon will be what you attach your hyperlink url to.

2. Second you want to select the url you intend the Pin to lead to. For example (and to keep it simple) I will use the website of a very talented indie musician I know, Brandon Dorsey:

3. Third you want to select the url of the specific image that you would like to represent your pin (this is what will provides the image part of the pin on your board). The image must be hosted on the page of the url you are pinning. In this case I have chosen one of the few images available on his site. (website developers in the future may want to take Pinterest parameters into consideration).

4. From here you need to determine the description of the pin, keep it clear and simple. In this case I have chosen simply:

“Drive By Dreamer Music”.

5. Now you need to “patch” your url with the appropriate coding.

Take the website url:

Add in the term “&media=” to the end, then add the url for the image to that. So: PLUS &media= PLUS

When you are done your url should look like this:

Now in the term “&description=” to the end of the url and then the chosen descriptive phrase. So: PLUS &description= PLUS Drive By Dreamer Music

Your url should now look like this: By Dreamer Music

Now you simply add the following Pinterest parameters to the beginning of your final url: “

Your final hyper link should look like this: By Dreamer Music

Now hyperlink it to your chosen icon or symbol and away you go.


If the image does not show up, verify the image url – you can right click on the image and select “copy image url” to make it easy.  Always double check the entire url to see if a “/” mark or other character is out of place.

Pinterest does not have good compatibility with Facebook at this time, so attempting to Pin from Facebook may not work.

Pinterest Growth Statistics Are Impressive (Their growth is beginning to level off now). Image Source:

Remember that it may take a few tries to perfect the process, but it is very worth it, just look at Pinterests latest growth stats.

They have begun to level off since this infographic, but as an avid user myself, I don’t foresee any immediate drop off. The stats as they are, are pretty hard to ignore.

Besides, it is a quick process, once learned, and it offers widespread sharing of your web content.

As my friends in the UK say, Brilliant!

Well, have fun and Pin with care!

 Ben Erickson is a Design & Social Media Specialist with Transition Marketing Services Contact us for a free consultation.