Small Business: 4 Valuable Tips To Remember When Developing Marketing & Promotions


Pennies still matter, even if they don’t exist anymore.

Marketing Small Business On A Budget.

We have yet to meet a small business that did not consider their budget to be one of their primary concerns. Let’s face it, our budgets are modest and we need to make every penny count. Here are 4 crucial things to consider when developing your marketing.

Four Points To Ponder:

1. If It Works, Keep It Up.

 New and fresh is good, however if one is achieving success with a specific promotion, don’t scrap it! Too often we scrap our promotions because we are bored with them. This is a tremendous waste. One should not spend their budget implementing new marketing directives if their existing ones are working and effective. Run with an ad or promotion for as long as customers are engaged and reacting.

“How long can ads continue to get results? The Ludlow Corp. ran an ad for its erosion-preventing Soil Saver mesh 41 times in the same journal. After 11 years it pulled more inquiries per issue than when it was first published in 1966. SOURCE” 

But how long can an ad get results? Isn’t fresh content important? Yes fresh is absolutely important, however so is keeping within budget. If a specific ad or promotion still has selling power but contains stale content or information, don’t just throw it out or begin over, instead move forward with updates.

2. Don’t Over Do It.

It can be very easy to suddenly find oneself over budget, “a few extra bucks and you get the extra two pages”, “a few more and you get embossed mailers”. Quality matters yes, however it is easy to quickly over do it.

One must make their marketing decisions based on the realities of their budgets. Do not try to imitate big-budget corporations who go for broke on their materials. Remember that ones promotions and image needs to be dictated by THEIR products and THEIR market, not necessarily by what businesses in unrelated fields are doing

Producing materials that are too fancy or far-reaching for its target audience is simply a waste of money, not only that but it can damage your brands image and integrity, as the consumer base will see the flash and pomp and will immediately question your understanding of their market and needs.

3. Modular (Adaptable) Product Literature.

Image Source:

Image Source:

A common budget oriented concern is how to promote a product or service to multiple markets. Every market presents a different need and the product or service has to be presented differently to each. So how does a small business with a small budget afford multiple variations of their sales literature?

“Module Literature” is essentially promotional literature that is built-in sections.See, a basic brochure layout is created with sections that are capable of being quickly altered  for specific market needs. In a modular layout, the standard sections remain unchanged, but new text can be laid into the one or two necessary sections to create more niche directed literature. By using the same basic layout, artwork etc, one creates literature directed at multiple niches, all from the same basic design.

Most brochures and literature consist of sections. Some, like “Contacts”, “About Us”, “Product Operation” etc. are static and can remain the same from customer to customer. The one or two more sections that focus on specific niche customers can then be adapted and changed as necessary.

By proceeding in this fashion one is able to target multiple customer bases, while saving substantial money and time.

4. Using Re-prints For Niche Literature.

Re-prints are so useful that we actually ran a post last week outlining nine great uses for re-prints of existing advertising and marketing literature (here).

Is is not unusual to see a wide array of request for specialized, “incidental” pieces of product literature:

  • Data sheets.
  • Draft drawings.
  • Specialized sales literature.
  • Product summaries.
  • Product comparisons.

The list goes on. Each of these specific pieces serve a good purpose, educating and servicing customers. Yet trying to keep up and produce multiple copies of varying materials can be both time-consuming and expensive. Simply put, trying to produce literature for every need ones market may hold is far too expensive.

Instead, consider using already bought and paid for advertising and article reprints as sales literature. In the same way that Modular Literature works, one can use existing literature as a cover sheet, while providing inexpensive additional inserts specific to the recipient.

The inserts do not have to be fancy, as the re-prints of existing literature will offer a nice cover page to the valuable information they provide.

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