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"Hmm what should we name it?"  "I don't know, what do women want?"

“Hmm what should we name it?”
“I don’t know, what do women want?”

What is in a name?

We weren’t going to post today, but this was just too good.

Every once in a while during our daily internet browsing, we will come across a post or image that provokes thought and spurs us into action. In today’s case it was a post on Reddit by user “jdtreddit“. The post (on the left) was such a blatant example of the type of basic thought processes involved in marketing, that we had to share.

You can actually imagine the conversation as it took place on the marketing team:


Adam: “Alright guys we have a new shampoo product that needs branding. It’s designed for women. It’s pink and smells like lavender. We need a name, GO!”

Terry: “Lavender Love”

Adam: “Dafuq Terry why do you even work here, this isn’t My Little Pony! Who else?”

Jonesey: “Apparently Acai berries are very in right now, we should reformulate”

Adam: “Darn it Jonesey, we reformulated to Lavender last month when you said that was the next big trend, Engineering will have my head if i reformulate again”

Jonesey: “…”

Adam: “C’mon people we need a name, what are women looking for?”

Terry: “Sex!?”

Adam: “That’s it Terry you’re fired! who else?”

Malcolm: “Equality?”

Adam: “Yeah like that’s going to happen, c’mon here people, give me something!”

Michael: “Relationships?”

Adam: “I like it, but not enough, flesh it out, what else?”

Terry: “Sexual Relationships!?”

Adam: “TERRY! I said you were fired… someone get this guy out of here!”


Malcolm: “Reliable Relationships?”


Adam: “Bingo! We have a winner, Terry write this down and get it over to design asap!… Terry? Alright where did Terry go!?”


Alright so that probably is not EXACTLY how it actually went, but it is 1:00pm on hump day and we have had a lot of coffee. That fact is that a pile of research goes into the names of just about every daily product we use. Whether to use “Purple or Lavender” to name it the “Camry or the LE-3” etc. Product and services are given their names based on what is perceived to be a draw to consumers.

In the example above, we see a rather hilarious nod to this process. Someone somewhere realized what many women (and men) are looking for and went straight for it. One sees this sort of “4th wall breaking” advertising action more often with smaller, service oriented businesses than they do with multi-product-line corporations, who generally try to play it safe.

Small businesses with niche clientele are safer in choosing “ironic” names or names steeped in hyperbole. They choose names that matter to them and that they think will appeal to their specific customer base. Corporations on the other hand will almost always tend to go with more generic “Lavender Love” names.

So what is in a name? How do you choose to name your products and services? are you quirky or corporate? Both have pro’s and con’s. Your product names needed to be tailored to your specific type of business and the customers it applies to.

First impressions matter and your business, service and product names are an enormous part of that. To put it into perspective, I would probably visit a pub with the name of “Three Drinking Buddies” but would avoid a software company of the same name.


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Marketing, Communications….and Romance? OH MY!

Why First Impressions Control Marketing & Romance – How To Succeed at Both

First Off: The Lemon Law (It’s A Thing).

Well that’s it then, this is our third post referencing not only “How I met your mother”, but specifically Barney Stinson (Neil Patrick Harris).

Those familiar with the show, may remember the episode in which Barney implemented the “Lemon Law” for dating. For those not in the know, it operates on the same premise as purchasing a used car, in that it implements the rule of the “Firm Handshake”(IE First Impressions Are Everything).

The Lemon Law is Essentially The Rule Of Good First Impressions. Image Source:

Simply put, if you are not impressed within five minutes of your initial meeting you are allowed to “Lemon Law” it and walk away. Here is what Mr. Stinson had to say:

“I henceforth declare the following – From this moment on, there shall exist in the world of dating and mating a Lemon Law

It shall operate on the following conditions: all persons involved in a mutually decided upon date have exactly 5 minutes from the moment of meeting to decide if the date will proceed for the rest of the night or not. Within the first five minutes of coming together (high-five!) either party can call the date off for any reason.”

The concept is simple really. While I do not necessarily agree that it should apply to the world of Social Interaction IE dating (I mean c’mon, I get better over time), it certainly applies to the world of Social Media. In fact it applies to all of your marketing endeavors.

Dating & Marketing share some crucial key points for success and why shouldn’t they? To succeed in either you are essentially striving for the same goal. You are convincing another human being of your honesty, your worth and the added value of being in a relationship with you (be it a romantic or business relationship).

How To Properly “Woo” & Win

There are any different ways to market and to romance. So how do you know which is correct? Image Source:

Whether it is a potential new customer or the cute receptionist at the local chiropractor the same “wooing” techniques apply.

Here are a couple of quick tips to succeed in the world of Marketing, and essentially Dating as well.

1. Be Interesting. This refers back to Creative Content. Whether you are having coffee, or pitching a concept via email – be unique. Be memorable. Show that you stand out. Put up a fight for their attention!

2. Be Relevant. In other words, pay attention to their reactions. Feel it out and act according to what they are communicating to you. Body language says a lot – on a cold call? watch them, measure their words and tones and proceed correctly. Blasting out via Social Media channels? Study the target markets, measure your research and communicate in a way that matters to the recipients.

3. Listen Well. Nothing kills a first date more than just going off about yourself. Your potential customer / soul mate wants to know that they matter, that you will listen, that you are interested in them and willing to learn what it takes to make a difference in their life.

4. Pick Up The Tab. Don’t go into any initial Marketing or Romantic encounter presuming the other will pay. Having lunch with a client? Pay. Having dinner with a blind date? Pay. The core concept here is not to ask what the client/romantic interest can do for you, but what you can do for your client/romantic interest. You are “WOOING” them after all.

5. Do Not Brown Nose. There is a fine line between woo’ing and “wheedling”. Nothing is a bigger turn off then being too desperate. Be confident, but not arrogant.

6. BE AUTHENTIC. If there is one thing that cannot be tolerated, it is leaving a meeting feeling like someone has just wasted your time with skin deep promises of the moon just to secure an account or a night cap. In Sales & Marketing, as with romantic encounters, there are two types of people, those who want to develop an ongoing mutually beneficial relationship… and those just looking for that quickie sale. Unfortunately it is the quickie-sale folk that ruin it for the rest of us.

Ongoing relationships within business are what lead to growth, they require trust and as with any other relationship, they require working together.

Of course in some cases, such as my grandparents, they simply require being too tired after 50 years to do anything different, but that is an entirely different story.

There is more to success in romance and marketing than just this of course and we have simply scuffed the tip of the proverbial iceberg. These tips will, however, get you on your way.

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