Beer for Nerds – Niche Marketing at its best!


Some brilliant niche marketing is demonstrated in this image. A beer marketed to “nerds” aka those of us who enjoy the occasional RPG.

Niche (Nerd) Marketing

This particular bottle of beer, known as “Critical Hit” and produced by Ninkasi Brewing in Eugene Oregon, was designed for the “nerd” and in fact is marketed as such!

The label you see is a “stats sheet”, similar to what you would find in an RPG (role playing game) like Dungeons, Final Fantasy or Skyrim.

It gives you all of the “vital stats” of the beverage itself. A wonderfully niche and fun bit of marketing!

Apparently this beverage will up your strength, wisdom and character, but lower your intelligence… well that sounds about right!

With this “liquid courage” let’s hope the drinker gets a +1 to personality and helps you avoid trolls! 😉

Jokes aside one has to admire the ingenuity behind this product. They are locating a very specific demographic and (successfully) appealing to their personality and taste. This company has clearly done their homework and found a target market that is often missed.

Will they make a lot of sales off of this product? That will take time to see, however they have tapped (no pun intended) an otherwise overlooked market by presenting a unique product with distinct appeal.

The original poster of this content, whom we were able to take this shot from, had purchased the beverage for their boyfriend. That alone is enough to indicate that the market exists for this product as a gift.

It may be a small market and the profit margins would need to be looked at, but this is a prime example of Niche Marketing.

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