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How To Pin Your Own Photos On Pinterest (Manual Pinning)

So you want to pin a website to Pinterest, but when you try to do so, no photo is available? or perhaps the photo available is  a low quality thumbnail, or irrelevant to the content on the site (yes, believe it or not, that STILL happens).

Did you know you can upload your own photo when pinning? Well you can! It is actually surprisingly simple.

1. First, Log On To Pinterest:

Your first step is to log on to Pinterest! If that was not obvious you may want to rethink what you are doing.

2. Second, Click The “ADD+” Option At The Top Right Hand Of The Screen:

Second step is to click the Add+ option at the top right hand portion of the header menu.

3. Third, Choose To “Upload a Pin” From The Three Options:

Third, from the menu that pops up, choose to “Upload a Pin”.

4. Fourth, Click “Choose File”:

Fourth step, you will be offered the option to “Choose File” – do so.

5. Fifth, Choose The Image File (JPG, PNG Etc.) You Wish To Us As Your Pin:

Fifth step, choose the image you want to use as your pin.

6. Sixth, Enter Your Pin’s Information:

Sixth step, enter all of the information for your pin. (Hint: include keywords and your web URL)

7. Seventh, From The Pin Display Screen Choose To “Edit” Your Pin:

Step seven, you will be brought to the Pin display screen. From here choose to “Edit” the pin.

8. Eighth, In The Second Text Box Labelled “Link”, Type or Paste The Desired URL For Your Pin:

Step eight, in the second text block, enter the link or URL of the webpage you want represented by the photo.

9. Ninth, Click “Save Pin”

Congratulations, you have just manually pinned your first Pin on Pinterest. Quite simple really, this is a great way to share content, and maximize the visual impact of your boards. Now get out there and Pin the love!


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