Targeted Marketing

The Marketing ToolBox: Advertising In The “Loo”

Great... now I am craving toast!

Great… now I am craving toast!

Minding My Business & Taking A Pee. But There Was This Toast Staring At Me…

Alright we’re no mother goose so we’ll stop with the rhymes and get down to business.

Consider the ad on the left. It makes a valid point. Arguably a weird one… but valid nonetheless.

This ad was positioned over the urinals in a men’s bathroom.

Now let’s face it you are likely going to be standing in front of this ad for a minimum of 30 seconds (longer if your chugged that “team pitcher” all by yourself). You are either going to be staring at a blank wall, this piece of toast, or a carefully thought out and targeted advertisement.

Advertising works.

Consider this. If you had just finished a pint with your mates and found yourself taking a much-needed bathroom break, what ads might appeal to you?

  • A Taxi Service?
  • A Late Night Pizzeria?
  • A Reminder That Next Week is Fight Night?
  • A New Mobile App?

Advertising works and the options for ad placements are limited only by the imagination. If there is a venue on which to place an ad, then there is a niche market that it will appeal to.

What are some ideas for ad placement areas that would work for you?


Tapping Into Trends & Engaging Consumers

We have always enjoyed a good zombie trend. What other trends out there have seen success?

We have always enjoyed a good zombie trend. What other trends out there have seen success?

We’ll be honest we love the whole “Zombie Movement” that has taken place over the past 5-6 years and while it may have played out a little, we still enjoy seeing stuff like this.

Which brings up a great marketing point: Tapping into growing trends is never a bad idea, so long as you do proper research and do not go into it half cocked (Ahem! Kenneth Cole #Cairo! Ahem!).

By tapping into trends, you can hit a nerve centre with consumers and really bolster sales. Look for opportunities to resonate with your customers.

….and remember to have some fun.

How A Small Local Wine Shop Thrives – Oenology At Its Best


20120520-114843.jpg In our neck of the woods tourism is a big deal. If you have never been to the sunny Okanagan, we highly recommend it! Gorgeous scenery, lakes, mountains, and plenty of things to see and do. Whether you take a steam train from Spirit Square in Armstrong, carve the powder at Silverstar in Vernon, do the Wine Tours in Kelowna, take a Houseboat in Salmon Arm, or tube the amazing Shuswap river in Enderby – there is plenty to keep you busy. There are a number of well known and established brands with manufacturing facilities here. Kohler, Maax, Harbourcraft, Bigfoot, Sunripe & Okanagan Springs to name a few. The larger guys not withstanding, the Okanagan has a thriving small business community.The local small business owners characterize everything it takes to succeed. Their passion, love for what they do, creativity and hard hard work makes them stand out from among their peers.

20120520-114534.jpgRecently I was chatting with a local business woman about her venture. She owns and operates a small shop in Enderby that allows customers to develop their own wine. Not a new idea by any stretch, and in what is known as BC wine country, it makes for a curious choice – but it is her passion. And she is succeeding. Enderby, if you did not know, has a population of about 3200 people, and while the city (yes it is a city) knows how to have a good time, they are not the reason for the success. Enderby is snuggled in between the large communities of Salmon Arm and Vernon, BC, with a combined population of around 60,000 to 70,000. Yet both of these communities have their own set of Wine shops. The success of this little out of the way shop is found in their savvy knowledge of their Target. The know to whom they need to Market. Enderby is a hub through which many tourists, specifically those from the Province of Alberta, pass. There is a massive number of Albertan tourists coming through Enderby on their way to Mable Lake. Many of these tourists have summer homes or are visiting with friends who do. They are staying for several days at a time and they are here to relax, a little boating, some sun bathing…a nice bottle of wine… These tourists are the key. The lions share of this wonderful little shops business, comes from our friends to the east. They pass right by the shop, and are willing to make the short commute back into town to stock up. Knowing who your business is relevant to, and maximizing that by developing the right campaign, can make the difference between success and failure. So how about it, have you effectively determined your market targets yet? Maybe sit down and do a little homework and enjoy a nice bottle of wine, I know a great little shop…

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