Good Beer Commercial or BEST Beer Commercial? Brahma Beer

Here is an old one but a good one. This Brahma Beer commercial actually got voted as one of the top commercials for its year. Enjoy.

So what made it such a good commercial? Voice your opinions here.


Why I Love Coca-Cola’s Advertising – BAM They Did It Again!

No qualms about it. Coca-Cola has the Social Media Marketing world in the palm of their hand. THEY GET IT! They have built a social media empire with their content, not the least of which is their online video profile hosted at CCTV on YouTube.

Check out their latest video:

Ok, so what is not to like about this video? In a world where political scandal and violent revolution appear everywhere we turn, where magazines and media are cold-heartedly and consistently attempting to cash in on the drama and trauma of society, Coke has decided to wade against the stream.

Coke has decided to cultivate a brand image of “Shalom” -a campaign of love, happiness and peace – all centered around their products.

Brilliant right!? So why are more companies not doing this? Coke appears to understand what actually hits a nerve with people now. We are jaded. What would have been dubbed shocking twenty years ago hardly registers anymore – what impacts us now, are examples of kindness, of grace and of compassion.

People are hungry for this – it is the same dynamic that takes an indie “feel-good” movie from unknown status to stardom (AHEM-Slumdog-Millionaire)

Coke is effectively developing a brand association between themselves and all the greatest things in life: spontaneity, love, peace, joy, happiness and people caught enjoying all if it. What is more, they have done so in such a seamless and genuine way, that they do not come off as simply running another fake campaign for profits – they truly do appear to the public as a happy brand.

That makes them trustworthy.

That makes them likeable.

That makes them relateable.

and that makes them successful.

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